Sabik O belongs to the Sabik Marine division of the Carmanah Technologies Corporation

ekta™ is a registered trade mark applied to the products of Sabik O (Tallinn, Estonia)

Hardware and software of Visual Aids to Navigation Systems for marine and inland waterways, ports and harbours
LED lights for obstruction and emergency lighting, industrial light signalling, and traffic control

Sabik O was established as a result of acquisition of the Navigation Systems Department of Cybernetica AS by the Carmanah Technologies Corporation. Since January 2017 the NSD team continues operation at the same facility within the Sabik Marine business division. Web pages and documentation will be updated in due time, thank you for the patience. We are open for business, welcome!

Latest product news: Fixed-and-Flashing (FFL) rhythmic characters are gaining popularity in the AtoN community, outlined in a greater detail in the IALA Recommendation E-110 and Guideline 1116 of December 2016. Continuing to innovate, our team proposed implementation of the Slow Flash Front (SFF) technology on LED lights instead of regular rectangular pulse shapes in order to bring back the lost lighthouse range estimation capabilities to mariners. The first deployment was completed in October 2016 on one of the Estonian category 1 AtoNs - the Pakri Lighthouse. An SFFL Adapter E8656 will implement both the FFL and SFF capabilities on a lighthouse system.

E9271 TelFiCon™-Flasher - integrated Telematics Field Controller with flasher functionality supporting fixed and flashing rhythmic characters and acceleration measurement. An E9271 module is suitable for complete monitoring of a fixed AtoN, providing logic level signal for flashing control (different PWM for day and night modes), platform acceleration measurement for collision detection and heel angle estimation, as well as structural health monitoring (SHM) by the use of a TLSC server software.

We are pleased to discuss the unique requirements of your application to find out whether we can provide a suitable solution. Do not hesitate to contact our marketing group to request information on our products and services.

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